Andrea M. Tytell

Andrea Tytell is an education attorney practicing in El Segundo. She has been representing children and young adults with special needs since 1993.


Before becoming an attorney in El Segundo, Ms. Tytell earned her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida. She also attended the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. Ms. Tytell became licensed to practice law in the state of California in 1993.


Andrea Tytell has been representing children and young adults with special needs since 1993. Her practice involves all aspects of education law and related areas such as federal court litigation of special education matters, disability discrimination, school discipline, accommodations for high stakes testing, juvenile court defense, expulsions and Regional Center matters. Through the years, Ms. Tytell has also developed an expertise in assisting the courts and divorcing families with high conflict custody cases involving children w/special needs.

The majority of Ms. Tytell’s time is spent representing children and young adults  who are impacted by learning, social /emotional differences and mental health issues.


Ms. Tytell spends most of her time representing children and young adults who are dealing with learning differences, social or emotional differences and mental health issues. She understands how difficult these cases can be, and she always treats all of her clients with respect, compassion and patience. Because of her strong dedication to her work, Ms. Tytell enjoys an excellent reputation for expertise, integrity, collaboration and a strong commitment to her clients. To ensure that all clients are able to reach Ms. Tytell when they have a question or concern after hours, she provides every client with her email address and cell phone number.

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If you are involved in an education-related case and you need an experienced Education attorney, Andrea Tytell can help. Ms. Tytell accepts cases in both Northern and Southern California. She is happily married, has three children and is fluent in Spanish. Contact the  Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell to learn more about working with Andrea Tytell.

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