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Andrea is a compassionate and professional Family Law Attorney

I have not needed to hire many attorneys in my lifetime other then for a couple of business transactions. So when I needed to hire one for my daughters well being it was an extremely hard decision for me and my wife. Not only did Mrs. Tytell exceed all my expectations but she did it with so much compassion and caring for my daughter. My daughter’s case was a bit different as she was being bullied at her school and this is somewhat of a new problem with the internet nowadays. Mrs. Tytell made my daughter feel very comfortable and she handled her with such grace and professionalism.

Andrea I want to personally thank you very much for putting my family back together in a safe environment while making everyone in my family feeling secured and educated about these problems, so that they won’t happen again.

- (5 star review)

Good Job – There when We Needed Her

Ms. Tytell assisted us in a very difficult education law situation with our special needs daughter. She definitely has a deep knowledge and expertise in a niche area which can quickly become a quagmire. She made herself available (unlike some other attorneys I have dealt with in the past) and took the time to really explain our options and potential strategies. It is clear she genuinely cares about her clients. Her staff is also compassionate and responsive, and her access to support resources is comprehensive. My wife and I are both happy with, and grateful for, Ms. Tyell’s services.

- (5 star review)

Extremely Expert compassionate representation in special education, mental health, lawsuit, regional center, etc.

For 4+ years Andee Tytell and her excellent staff have advised and represented our special needs son and our family in very complex and critical legal issues. The other civil and criminal attorneys we consulted simply didn’t have the 20+ years of expertise that Andee has on every aspect of special education, transition planning, mental health, conservatorship, SSI, Ca regional centers, educational assessments and civil laws regarding assault and bullying. Andee was recommended strongly by our original attorney who handled our initial special education due process. Andee represented our son after he was assaulted at his school and suffered severe Post Traumatic Stress, exacerbated by his autism. Andee’s compassion and advice on how to navigate the very difficult legal and emotional road we’ve been forced to go down has enabled us to identify and acquire various education, legal and public services that we had no idea were even options under state and federal disability, education and legal statutes. Andree’s strengths include a superb staff who have guided us through every complex filing, negotiation, compliance and timeline we face. Another of Andee’s strengths is her ability to work together with opposing counsels and parties to come up with solutions in the child’s best interests. She doesn’t waste time or (your) money in grandstanding or adversarial maneuvering. We’ve watched her use her in depth knowledge of the law and her strong people skills to negotiate the services and legal protections our son needs due to his developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. We have found her legal fees to be very reasonable and money well-spent, given the results. We have not prevailed in every situation, but Andee is tenacious in defending her client’s rights and protections among the various educational, mental health, county, state and federal agencies our family has dealt with. The educational and legal system is very difficult to navigate, especially for special needs children and adults. The playing field is not fair. Unfortunately, expert, tenacious legal representation, such as we’ve received from Andee Tytell is often what it takes to obtain appropriate services and placements for our vulnerable children and adults. We strongly recommend Andee Tytell without reservation.

- (5 star review)



- (5 star review)

Not Like The Rest

Andrea Tytell handled a divorce for me last year. She was able to guide me and achieve a harmonious resolution to what could have been an acrimonious, devastating and ongoing matter. I would recommend her to anyone but especially when there are children involved. She was always fair about money and even reduced her hourly rate to help me out.

- (5 star review)


Ms. Tytell helped my family in numerous ways. My son has autism and was in great need of services from his school district. She knew exactly what to do and followed through to make sure he got what he needs. She was honest and communicated well and I highly recommend her.

- (5 star review)

What a wonderful experience

While one never seeks the services of an attorney under optimal circumstances, I am so grateful and blessed to have found Andrea M. Tytell. Ms. Tytell helped me get my child placed in a residential treatment program funded by the school district. I had tried to do this with two other attorneys who were unsuccesful. Ms. Tytells knowledge of the law and special education regulations coupled with her work ethic and relationships with the parties involved were a magic recipe for our success and my child’s welfare. She always returned my phone calls and even gave me her personal cell phone number in case of emergency. I never had to use it because both she and her office were always responsive to my questions. In response to the negative posts about Ms. Tytell, there obviously must be something deeper at issue with the poster because her service and the entire office are nothing but professional and competent.

- (5 star review)

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