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Education is core to American culture. The learning experience impacts the lives of students and their community. Yet there are challenges to making sure that every child receives an equitable education. Issues, such as program access, disability, and expulsion, threaten the ability for some students to access their right to schooling. That’s why the Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell formed — to protect the rights of students, families, and teachers everywhere who are working to make sure students have just access to education.

At the Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell, everyone is treated with dignity. Since 1993, Attorney Andrea Tytell has focused on educational litigation. From her office in El Segundo, she provides legal counsel to clients throughout California. Although many of her clients have special needs, she also represents students in regular education who face expulsion, suspension, and other disciplinary proceedings. Her clients include teachers who have disabilities and those who face disciplinary action pertaining to the classroom. She represents clients for education law cases that include:

  • Due Process and Equal Protection
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • 504 Meetings to Create Appropriate Accommodations and Implementation
  • Attendance at IEP Meetings
  • Free Speech
  • High Stakes Testing Accommodations
  • Disciplinary Matters, Including Expulsion and Suspension — For Students in Grades Pre-K Through University
  • Special Education Plans and IDEA
  • Admission Processes
  • Juvenile Criminal Defense
  • Civil Litigation for All Education-Based Issues, Such As Abuse, Molestation, Negligence, Discrimination and Equal Protection

El Segundo Special Needs Attorney

Students with special needs face more challenges in school than they did in years past. As school districts wrestle with tighter budgets, there becomes a greater likelihood that students with special needs, including those with autism, do not receive the education they are entitled to through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Teachers also feel the extra weight of these challenges that warrant legal representation as well.

Proven, Compassionate Representatives for Students, Families, and Educators

Are you a student, parent, or teacher with an educational law issue? To discover how the Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell can help, contact her by email or by calling (310) 416-9710.

Andrea M. Tytell enjoys an excellent reputation regarding her expertise, integrity, collaboration, and commitment to her clients. Her clients have her email address and cell phone number to use in the event an issue occurs after business hours. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

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