Family Law Attorney

Family law cases cover some of the most difficult issues families and children can face. These issues become even more taxing for everyone when children with special needs are involved. If you are dealing with a complicated family law case that involves a child with special needs, you need to consult an El Segundo Family Law Attorney like Andrea Tytell who has experience with these types of cases.

Why Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

Attempting to represent yourself in a family law dispute is rarely recommended, especially when the dispute involves a child who has special needs. These cases are not only emotionally traumatic, but the stakes are often high. Hiring the right attorney is essential in order to ensure that your child is in the right environment receiving the accommodations and services he or she needs to succeed in life. A qualified family law attorney in El Segundo who understands the laws surrounding these issues can help you prepare a strong case and fight for the best interests of your child.

About Ms. Tytell’s Services

Andrea Tytell is an experienced attorney who practices family law in El Segundo and surrounding areas. She focuses her practice on family law cases that relate to the education or welfare of special needs children, such as high-conflict custody disputes. In these cases, she does her best to make sure that the outcome of the case is appropriate and beneficial to the child in question.

Andrea Tytell can also serve as an expert witness in custody cases involving special needs children. For example, in cases where the parents of a special needs child are divorcing and fighting over custody, Ms. Tytell can testify with regard to the need for certain types of educational programming and services.

If you hire Andrea Tytell, you can rely on her to be available any time you have a question or concern. In fact, she provides all clients with her email and cell phone number to ensure that they can reach her even when the office is closed.

Contact an Experienced Family Law Attorney

If you are involved in a family law case in El Segundo that affects a special needs child, Andrea Tytell can help. Please contact the Law Offices of Andrea M. Tytell today to learn more about her services or to schedule a consultation.

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